You Can Give Our Lakes and Rivers a Fighting Chance

Healthy Shorelands Tackle the Climate Crisis

Extreme weather alerts sent more waterfront communities running for safety this past year. Perhaps nowhere else in Canada is the aftermath of wildfires, derechos, floods, and other symptoms of climate change more obvious than on lakes and rivers. Support for Watersheds Canada addresses climate change impacts on habitat, water quality, and costly insurance claims.

Your Donations Plant the Future

Watersheds Canada is a take-action organization that restores the riparian zone, or “ribbon of life.” Your support put shovels in the ground to plant nature-based climate resiliency through The Natural Edge. Our hands-on work supports people and properties, as well as species at risk including Blanding’s turtles and monarch butterflies! We have more shoreland restoration sites than we do funding dollars. Please help us.

Get Involved in Community Science

Blue-green algae blooms, shoreline development, runoff, and erosion increases the demand for shoreland naturalization, as well as the nationally acclaimed program Love Your Lake. We couldn’t do it without partnerships and donations. Over 50,000 waterfront assessments have achieved local action on hundreds of lakes based on our science-based recommendations.

Save Walleye and Trout Spawning Areas

We just helped another walleye population by removing a build-up of silt that obstructed their spawning area. If we’re not in the water supporting fisheries restoration work, we are in schools and libraries delivering our Nature Discovery program.

You Have a Voice

The Watersheds Canada team is also in front of government officials with our advocacy for freshwater protection. Thank you for helping us send over 5,000 “save our shorelands” action-letters to influence recent legislative change. Indeed, we have some serious work ahead and we need your support.

Will you help make sure our lakes and rivers have a fighting chance with a critical year-end donation? Your tax-deductible donation ensures historic spawning beds, shoreland buffers, and science-based education materials are all accessible to groups and individuals across the country.

Your generosity protects the lakes and rivers we all love.

Please, donate today.