Protect your freshwater by restoring a natural shoreline

We want to help you improve your lake, river, or tributary's water quality and climate change resilience by reducing run-off and attracting wildlife like butterflies and frogs.

How it works
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    We visit your site and work with you to create a custom plan suited to your shoreline and your aesthetics.

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    Plants go in the ground in the Spring or Fall. We work with sponsors to subsidize the costs!

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    Our shorelines are designed to need minimal maintenance. Over the next few years, you’ll see your shoreline transform!

Interested in taking local action for your freshwater? Contact us

Why are shorelines important?

Shorelines are vital habitat. Throughout their lifetimes, over 90% of aquatic species use shorelines for food, shelter, breeding, and rearing areas. Protect your shoreline with native plants that are the best adapted to your region in Canada. Native plants help protect your property from erosion, reduce flood water damage, and improve water quality to enhance your shoreline’s resilience against climate change impacts.

We work with partners across Canada

We have built The Natural Edge with small grassroots groups in mind, and want to partner with organizations across Canada to restore shoreline and agricultural buffers in your region. We provide your group with the tools and information you need to deliver the program in your community, including The Natural Edge's App, Canada-wide Native Plant Database, private online Admin system, and all necessary program materials.

Meet our partners
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    Freshwater bodies

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    Metres of shoreline restored

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    Native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers planted

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    Square meters of shoreline restored

How you can transform your shoreline

Concerned individuals like you are restoring their shorelines using The Natural Edge's nature-based solutions. No matter the size of your shoreline, you can make an impact today for your freshwater and the wildlife that call it home. See why 91% of past participants and partner groups are satisfied with their participation in The Natural Edge.

See what others are saying
Good suggestions based on an excellent knowledge of plant species, where they would work best to protect shoreline and enhance existing vegetation. Also, locate where they have the best chance of survival. I had a number of questions about the appearance and growth rates which were answered with no problem. I was also happy that Watersheds was willing to put in extra time to clarify the details of the plan. An excellent plan and the planting was carried out promptly. Thanks very much!
Tom and Dave Stowe

Why is The Natural Edge right for me?

Our program eliminates identified barriers for people to restore their shorelines using nature-based solutions. While 98% of property owners were very concerned about their impacts on the natural environment, only 26% felt confident to carry-out restoration efforts on their own. This is where The Natural Edge comes in.

How it works

Some shorelines that have restored their "natural edge"!

Exmaple of a completed shoreline
Exmaple of a completed shoreline
Exmaple of a completed shoreline
Exmaple of a completed shoreline