Protect your freshwater by restoring a natural shoreline

We want to help you improve your lake, river, or tributary's water quality by reducing run-off and attracting wildlife like butterflies and frogs.

How it works
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    We visit your site and work with you to create a custom plan suited to your shoreline and your aesthetics.

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    Plants go in the ground in the Spring or Fall. We work with sponsors to subsidize the costs!

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    Our shorelines are designed to need minimal maintenance. Over the next few years, you’ll see your shoreline transform!

Interested? We have funding for Southern Ontario! Contact us

Discover beautiful native plants!

We work with you to choose plants you will love. Native plants require less maintenance, and are loved by butterflies and other animals. You can get started by exploring our plant database and saving your favourites.

Visit the plant database

Shoreline re-naturalization starter kit now available!

Each kit includes: a free site visit & customized planting plan; 50 native plants including bare root and potted plants and wildflowers; 45 coconut fibres, mulch, & tree guards (as needed); and a Plant Care Guide, Habitat Creation Guide, and Wildflower Garden Guide.

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    Freshwater bodies

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    Participating properties

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    Native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers planted

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    Square meters of shoreline restored

We plan the project together

Our App means that we can make the plan together. You get the final say on everything, from where you put your water access, to plant height, to plant choice. We want you to love your shoreline!

Let us know you're interested
Good suggestions based on an excellent knowledge of plant species, where they would work best to protect shoreline and enhance existing vegetation. Also, locate where they have the best chance of survival. I had a number of questions about the appearance and growth rates which were answered with no problem. I was also happy that Watersheds was willing to put in extra time to clarify the details of the plan. An excellent plan and the planting was carried out promptly. Thanks very much!
Tom and Dave Stowe

Why are shorelines important?

Throughout their lifetimes, over 90% of aquatic species use shorelines at some point in their life for food, shelter, breeding, and rearing areas. Shorelines also protect your property from erosion, and prevent harmful substances getting into your lake. The less human effects, the less likely you get algae blooms too.

Some shorelines that have restored their "natural edge"!

Exmaple of a completed shoreline
Exmaple of a completed shoreline
Exmaple of a completed shoreline
Exmaple of a completed shoreline