“Excellent program! I did not have knowledge of what native plants and trees to select for the plantings on my property. I feel strongly about protecting our lake and was concerned about my sloped property adding to the stormwater runoff including soil, dirt, silt and chemicals used on our dirt road. Chloe with Watersheds Canada was so informative and wise in her selection of native specimens. Thank you!” – Sharon

“The Natural Edge was exactly what I had been looking for since my shoreline is steep and required additional vegetation to prevent excessive runoff. There is also a stream entering the lake at the border of my property and this made the choice of plant varieties more complicated. The program was able to help me plan and choose the planting and design.” – Wayne

“This is a fantastic program! Provides all of the necessary detail and connections to make shoreline naturalization attractive for landowners and effective for all the great environmental reasons.” – Christopher

Fran Murphy, a past The Natural Edge participant, shares her experience and why it was important for her to re-naturalize her shoreline property with native plants.
Jane and John of Graham Lake participated in both The Natural Edge, and Love Your Lake. Here they share what they would tell potential future participants to the programs, and what they learned.