Watersheds Canada now accepting intents of interest for Canada-wide climate change resilient shorelands project!

Watersheds Canada is accepting intents of interest from volunteer-led waterfront and nature-focused groups to participate in an exciting new, nationwide project funded by the RBC Foundation through RBC Tech for Nature. This project will run for two years and will focus on getting shoreline renaturalization tools and resources in the hands of groups already leading local environmental change in their community, particularly around shoreline and freshwater health.

Canada’s freshwater is under threat as the health of lakes and rivers rapidly declines. The way people previously viewed and developed waterfront properties has expedited the degradation of shorelines in unprecedented ways. Algae blooms, loss of biodiversity, and poor climate resiliency, such as flooding and erosion, are a few of the growing challenges facing Canada’s freshwater. Given increasing development pressures and unsustainable land-use on lakes and rivers and the known impacts of climate change, the need to naturalize shorelines and build their resiliency is urgent. 

To actively improve and protect Canada’s freshwater, Watersheds Canada will work alongside 20 volunteer-led organizations across the country from 2023-2024 to deliver our Natural Edge Program. The Natural Edge program empowers Canadians to take local action on the restoration and conservation of their freshwater resources by enhancing their shoreline areas with native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers for long-term sustainability.

For over 10 years, Watersheds Canada has partnered with property owners, municipalities, and community groups to restore and protect the health of their lake, river, or bay using the Natural Edge shoreline restoration program. This program bridges the gap between desires and abilities to act by providing groups with the iOS Planting Plan software, training materials, expert staff guidance, and stewardship tools like the Native Plant Database. The custom-made, innovative iOS technology streamlines the restoration process, allowing volunteers to confidently and easily create custom shoreline restoration designs.

To participate in this project, groups should be volunteer-based organizations or have a very strong volunteer network supporting their program delivery. Groups can be based anywhere in Canada and need to have at least two representatives who will participate in shoreline stewardship training in winter-summer 2024 and lead the restoration of five shoreline properties in their community in 2024.

 If this project sounds like a perfect fit for your group, please email Chloe Lajoie, Natural Edge Program Manager at Watersheds Canada, for more information: lajoie@watersheds.ca

About Watersheds Canada
Watersheds Canada is a registered Canadian charity committed to providing programs to communities across the country to engage and help individuals enhance and protect the health of their lakes and rivers. Since 2002, they have delivered freshwater stewardship programming, shoreline naturalizations and assessments, and in-water habitat restorations. 

About RBC Tech for Nature
RBC Tech for Nature is a global, multi-year commitment to support new ideas, technologies, and partnerships to address the most complex environmental challenges.