Perth, ON – As wetlands cross people’s mind on World Wetlands Day (February 2, 2024), perhaps it is because, at some point in life, they have personally experienced one of the greatest ecological wonders of the world. Canada is home to twenty-five percent of the world’s wetlands. Unfortunately, however, wetlands continue to be degraded or simply lost forever.

“World Wetlands Day is a time for marsh memories,” said Robert Pye, Executive Director for Watersheds Canada. “A paddler along the backdrop of cattails, a waterfowler and a retriever under a flock of mallards, or a childhood nature explorer with a dip net over a school of minnows and tadpoles – these are some of the mental health and recreational benefits wetlands provide.”

Watersheds Canada, an environmental-action charity with programs and partners nationwide, never stops working to protect and enhance critical shoreland habitat that act as spawning grounds for many species of fish and wildlife, including species at risk.

“Wetlands also keep our community safe from floods and droughts, and in fact, the well-being of all life depends on the health and protection of our freshwater resources,” said Pye.

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, Watersheds Canada presents FREE resources developed to promote the importance of wetlands and resilient shoreline areas. In particular, Watersheds Canada’s ‘Guide to Building Resilient Shorelines: Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change’ manual is intended for landowners wanting to increase the resiliency of their shoreland in light of increased impacts of climate change. This manual outlines several nature-based solutions that property owners can implement in their local watershed.

“Watersheds Canada is pleased to offer our valuable information for educators, lake association members, and other community volunteers who share our appreciation for wetlands and all conservation organizations committed to their protection,” added Pye.

Be sure to download and share our World Wetland Day infographic, and learn about the importance of wetland health in our latest blog post.

This release was originally posted on February 2, 2024 by Water Canada.