Image for Wintergreen


Scientific name

Gaultheria procumbens


Wintergreen is a medium-sized ground cover species that grows up to 15 cm in height. The leaves are glossy, dark-green, simple, oval shaped, and turn purple during the fall. Wintergreen is a visually appealing plant that produces small, white, bell-shaped flowers during the spring. This species yields edible, scarlet red berries during July, which persist throughout the winter months. These berries are a great food source for many song birds, squirrels, deer and a tasty treat for humans when added to pastries or salads. The name Wintergreen comes from the plants ability to keep it's leaves throughout the winter. Wintergreen is unique because their leaves emit a minty aroma when crushed. Wintergreen oil is commonly used in the flavoring of gum and toothpaste.

Planting conditions

Wintergreen grows best in moist conditions with partial sun exposure or shade. It prefers well-drained, organically rich loam or humus soil types. This plant can be naturally found in rich forests or along shaded shorelines.


  • Plant height:
    • Max 1.5m
    • Max 2m
    • Max 3m
    • Any
  • Moisture level:
    • Normal
    • Moist
  • Light conditions:
    • Partial sun
    • Shade
  • Soil type:
    • Sandy
    • Loamy
    • Humus
  • pH:
    • Acidic
    • Normal
  • Depth:
    • Potted
    • Bareroot
  • Eco Zone:
    • 2a
    • 2b
    • 3a
    • 3b
    • 4a
    • 4b
    • 5a
    • 5b
    • 6a
    • 6b
  • Plant type:
    • Ground Cover
  • Height:
    • 15 cm
  • Spread:
    • 30 cm