Image for Smooth Fruited Sedge

Smooth Fruited Sedge

Scientific name

Carex laeviconica


Smooth Fruited Sedge is a perennial sedge that grows up to 1 m tall. Smooth fruited Sedge may also be referred to as plains Slough Sedge, Smooth-cone Sedge, or Large-tooth Lake Sedge. This species typically has 3 flower spikes, but can have between 2-5. The leaves are light green, alternate, and have a sheath at the base that is reddish-purplish. Smooth Fruited Sedge can form dense colonies, which provides good cover for waterfowl, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

Planting conditions

Smooth Fruited Sedge prefers moist to wet conditions and prefers a rich, loamy soil. However, it will also tolerate sandy, rocky, or gravelly soil. It prefers to grow in full or partial sun conditions. Smooth Fruited Sedge can be found growing naturally on river banks, lake shorelines, marshes, wet ditches, floodplains, and wet meadows.


  • Plant height:
    • Max 1.5m
    • Max 2m
    • Max 3m
    • Any
  • Moisture level:
    • Moist
    • Wet
    • Flood Tolerant
  • Light conditions:
    • Full sun
    • Partial sun
  • Soil type:
    • Sandy
    • Loamy
    • Humus
    • Rocky
  • pH:
    • Acidic
    • Basic
    • Normal
  • Depth:
    • Potted
  • Eco Zone:
    • 3a
    • 3b
    • 4a
    • 4b
    • 5a
    • 5b
    • 6a
    • 6b
    • 7a
    • 7b
  • Height:
    • 1 m
  • Spread:
    • 1 m