Image for Smooth Blackberry

Smooth Blackberry

Scientific name

Rubus canadensis


The Smooth Blackberry, also referred to as Canadian Blackberry, Thornless Blackberry and Smooth Highbush Blackberry, is a medium sized shrub species and member of the Rose family, that reaches heights of 2m. This species forms irregular thickets with reddish-purple to brown stems. Leaves produced are lance-shaped, arranged alternately along the branches and are compounded with five leaflets. During the fall, the leaves turn from light green to dark red or deep purple. During the spring and summer, five-petaled, white flowers grow in clusters of up to 25 at the end of the branches. By mid-summer, the flowers give rise to edible purplish-black fleshy fruits, which ripen by late August. The fruiting bodies of this shrub provide an important abundant food source for many birds and mammal species. This shrub is good for controlling erosion and stabilizing shorelines.

Planting conditions

Smooth Blackberry prefers full sun or partial sun exposure but can tolerate a range of moisture levels and soil types.


  • Plant height:
    • Max 2m
    • Max 3m
    • Any
  • Moisture level:
    • Dry
    • Normal
    • Moist
    • Wet
  • Light conditions:
    • Full sun
    • Partial sun
  • Soil type:
    • Sandy
    • Loamy
    • Clay
  • pH:
    • Acidic
    • Normal
  • Depth:
    • Potted
    • Bareroot
  • Eco Zone:
    • 4a
    • 4b
    • 5a
    • 5b
    • 6a
    • 6b
  • Plant type:
    • Shrub
  • Height:
    • 2m