Image for Shrubby Cinquefoil

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Scientific name

Dasiphora fruticosa


Shrubby Cinquefoil is a hardy, deciduous shrub species that grows about 1 m in height. The stems are reddish brown to gray and appear shredded with age. The leaves are green to blueish green, narrow and elliptic shaped, hairy, alternately arranged, compound with 5 leaflets, and have entire margins. The flowers are showy, yellow, saucer shaped, have five petals, appear in small clusters on terminal branches, and bloom between June and September. In the fall, the flowers give way to an oval-shaped, brown fruit covered in white hairs. The flowers are beneficial to pollinator species, like bees and butterflies. This is a popular shrub for ornamental use in gardens.

Planting conditions

Shrubby Cinquefoil grows best in moist conditions with full sun exposure. It prefers well-drained, alkaline sand, loam, or rocky soil types but can also tolerate poorly drained clay. It is tolerant to drought but young plants should be watered occasionally until established. This shrub can be naturally found in moist meadows, calcareous wetlands, and along sandy shorelines.


  • Plant height:
    • Max 1.5m
    • Max 2m
    • Max 3m
    • Any
  • Moisture level:
    • Dry
    • Normal
    • Moist
    • Wet
    • Drought Tolerant
  • Light conditions:
    • Full sun
    • Partial sun
  • Soil type:
    • Sandy
    • Loamy
    • Clay
    • Rocky
  • pH:
    • Acidic
    • Basic
    • Normal
  • Depth:
    • Potted
    • Bareroot
    • Wildflower
  • Eco Zone:
    • 0a
    • 0b
    • 1a
    • 1b
    • 2a
    • 2b
    • 3a
    • 3b
    • 4a
    • 4b
    • 5a
    • 5b
    • 6a
    • 6b
  • Plant type:
    • Shrub
  • Height:
    • 1 m
  • Spread:
    • 1 m