Image for Obedient Plant

Obedient Plant

Scientific name

Physostegia virginiana


Obedient plant is a large perennial wildflower species that can grow up to 1 m in height. This plant may also be known by the common names False Dragonhead or Virginia Lions Heart. The leaves are oppositely arranged, narrow, lance shaped, and have sharply toothed margins. The flowers are showy, purple or whitish pink, tubular with two lips, appear on large terminal spikes, and bloom between June and August. The flowers resemble snap dragons and bloom from the bottom to the top of the spikes. These flowers are beneficial to pollinator species, like bees and hummingbirds. This plant is easy to grow and can spread aggressively so give space when planting. If bent, the flowers tend to remain in the new position, hence the common name.

Planting conditions

The Obedient Plant grows best in moist to normal conditions with full or partial sun exposure. It prefers well-drained, slightly acidic loam soil types. It is tolerant to deer grazing, clay soil and periodically wet areas. It is intolerant of dry conditions and may droop during hot summer months. This wildflower can be naturally found in moist prairies, open forests, and along river and lake shorelines.


  • Plant height:
    • Max 1.5m
    • Max 2m
    • Max 3m
    • Any
  • Moisture level:
    • Normal
    • Moist
  • Light conditions:
    • Full sun
    • Partial sun
  • Soil type:
    • Loamy
    • Humus
  • pH:
    • Acidic
    • Normal
  • Depth:
    • Wildflower
  • Eco Zone:
    • 3a
    • 3b
    • 4a
    • 4b
    • 5a
    • 5b
    • 6a
    • 6b
    • 7a
    • 7b
  • Plant type:
    • Wildflower
  • Height:
    • 1 m
  • Spread:
    • 1 m